Eco Friendly & Sustainable

The BalloonGrip® balloon holder is an engineered cardboard balloon stick, designed to hold an inflated natural rubber balloon.

Easily assembled for balloon giveaways and suitable for both children and adults, the eco-friendly BalloonGrip® balloon holder comes in either plain white, colourful party designs or a natural wood effect, or can be custom printed with your brand logo.

Award Winning

3 Current Stock Designs


Wood Effect

Plain White

Bespoke Printing & Promotional Branding in Full Colour

Environmentally Friendly

The Only Viable, Sustainable Alternative to Plastic Balloon Sticks

Many of our existing clients have already pledged to reduce their use of single plastics. With BalloonGrip® balloon holders, we can offer you an affordable, recyclable, eco-friendly alternative to plastic balloon sticks that allows you to continue planning popular branded marketing activities for your customers.

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Available in Retail Packs

Pre-packed quantities available for retail sale through our wholesale channels.

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Quick & Easy to Assemble

Step 1

Insert the neck of the balloon through the centre hole, and back through one of the side holes.

Step 2

Wrap the neck of the balloon through the slits on the side of the BalloonGrip® balloon holder

Step 3

Finally, fix the neck in place in the second slit. This will keep the air in the balloon.

Video Instructions

Downloadable Instruction Leaflets

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For Pre-Inflated Balloons

BalloonGrip® balloon holder instructions for balloons inflated and knotted before being attached to the holder.

Instructions for Pre-Inflated Balloons

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For Uninflated Balloons

BalloonGrip® balloon holder instructions for balloons to be inflated once attached to the holder

Instructions for Uninflated Balloons

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With over 40 years’ experience in the promotional balloon printing business, B-Loony Ltd developed the BalloonGrip® balloon holder as part of their constant push for innovation, and marks a key milestone in promoting sustainability as part of their core business values.

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