BalloonGrip® Wins at PSI’s Sustainability Awards

B-Loony Ltd’s revolutionary cardboard balloon stick was proclaimed winner in the ‘Sustainable Product’ category at PSI’s seventh annual Sustainability Awards ceremony in Düsseldorf. The PSI Sustainability Award recognises the achievements of businesses from the promotional products industry in the areas of economy, ecology, and social affairs. BalloonGrip® balloon holders are the world’s first truly sustainable [...]

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BalloonGrip® Balloon Holder Triumphs Ahead of EU SUP Directive

With the EU Ban on Single Use Plastics due to come into effect in the EU July, the promotional products industry has already seen a vast shift in demand from plastic products to those made from natural materials, but one product in-particular has been completely reinvented to become a standout success. B-Loony’s BalloonGrip® Balloon Holder [...]

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Introducing BalloonGrip™ – The NEW Biodegradable Balloon Holder

The BalloonGrip™ is an eco-friendly balloon holder, designed to securely hold an inflated natural rubber latex balloon for use in sales promotions and balloon giveaways. Suitable for both children and adults, the BalloonGrip™ is easily assembled, and comes in a range of colourful party designs or a natural wood effect, and will soon be available to [...]

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